Independent Educational Consulting

Getting into academically competitive schools is now becoming more difficult than ever. With the total number of applicants increasing every year, acceptance rates have been continuously declining. In light of these facts, the demand for independent educational consultants is on the rise. Having every advantage at your disposal is the smart thing to do. This is why you should choose JS Educational Consulting.

JS Educational Consulting, LLC is a world-class independent educational consulting company. We offer professional educational preparation services to students and parents. Whether you are currently involved in the college application process or interested in applying to a competitive high school, we do everything to ensure your success.

Our Commitment

We take our job very seriously and listen to the needs of our clients. Our role is to assist you in determining your academic goals based on your personal strengths and interests. We then take steps towards achieving these goals and help you make responsible decisions along the way.

Personalized Plans

We offer one-on-one personalized, private consultations. Our clients, both past and present, have been extremely satisfied with their results. We have confidence that with our help you will have successful results too.

Successful Outcomes

Our students have been accepted to and attended colleges and universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Penn, Duke, Northwestern, Columbia, USC, Brown, NYU, Rutgers, US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy, Villanova, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Cooper Union, Vanderbilt, Babson, Tulane, Franklin & Marshall, Stevens, William & Mary, Delaware, Brandeis, Penn State, Arizona State, TCNJ, Illinois, Suffolk, Elon, Pitt, Fordham, Colorado, BU, Stony Brook, Monmouth, and Wheaton.

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Since 2007, JSEC has helped countless students succeed and achieve their goals.

We offer top quality assistance and advice from highly qualified consultants and experts in education.

Our services include face-to-face consultation at our NJ offices, and we also do telephone consultation for long-distance students and parents.



For pricing information or to find out if JSEC is right for you, please contact us today.


spacerJSEC has really helped me in my academic career, and I finally got results I had always been looking for. They did everything they could to assist me in my college applications process. Thanks JS Educational Consulting!

- Christina R.